Wabash Indigo Scarf
Wabash Indigo Scarf
Wabash Indigo Scarf
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Wabash Indigo Scarf

$70.00 USD


Stay warm with one of our two scarves, this one in a discharge-printed, indigo-dyed wabash fabric, the kind made famous by J.L. Stifel & Sons starting in the late 1800s and favored by train engineers and other hard-working men. Legend has it that Stifel, an immigrant to the US from Germany, walked in search of work to Wheeling, West Virginia, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, barefoot to preserve his shoes. Being trained in Germany in calico printmaking, he eventually got a hold of a bolt of fabric in Wheeling and dyed it with indigo, and then sold it, using the money to make more. In time, he'd make discharge prints, including the famed dot stripe, or "wabash", pattern.

All scarves are one-wash to guarantee soft, comfortable wear from the start, and to look better in the long-run. Wear it out and about, while skiing, or on your bike and keep your neck toasty and comfortable.


  • 100% cotton indigo-dyed Japanese 5.7 oz. wabash fabric

  • One-wash, expect no shrinkage

  • Fabric label

  • 19 x 62 inches (50 x 165 cm before wash)

  • Made in Japan


100% Cotton