Two Pack Socks - Navy
Two Pack Socks - Navy
John Lofgren

Two Pack Socks - Navy

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When John (and his team) decide to put his name on a product, you can rest assured that it was a process to get there. Making a sock that live up to his footwear standards took a bit of trial and error. But what they came up with is world class. These beauties feature a Cordura and Cotton blend, with a full terry sole and toe. Arch support is knit into the middle of the foot. The size large fits US 9-12 feet. Wash cold, hang dry for longest life, but you can throw them in the dryer and they'll be just fine.


  • 60% Cotton 40% Cordura nylon
  • 8" height
  • Fits US 9-12
  • 2 pairs per box
  • Wash cold, hang dry
  • Made in Japan


60% Cotton 40% Cordura Nylon

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