TCB Jeans

They say, "..they don't make them like they used to". When it comes to denim workwear that may not be as simple as it sounds. But weather you fall on the side of newer is better or not, you can't knock people who try their best to do it like it was done in the past. Take our friends at TCB for example. Their philosophy when it comes to making faithful denim reproductions is arguably some of the best in the world. Founded by Hajime Inoue in 2012, TCB (or Two Cats Brand) has set out to produce painstakingly accurate reproductions of iconic denim and workwear. Their line-up of products feature attention to authentic details that go as far as sewing the jeans roughly to mimic how inspirational jeans from the past were manufactured. From sourcing materials specific to them, to sewing everything in their own factory, the team at TCB take quality to heart.