Raw Denim

At office hours we get many questions about denim - What is raw denim? I have “Dark Wash” jeans does that mean they’re raw denim? Are all Raw jeans selvedge (and vice versa)?

What is Raw Denim? 

We stock, sell, and promote Raw denim. That often spawns a lot of questions, so we’ll try and tackle them here as something of a resource for folks. Today we’ll start with Raw Denim…what are Raw Denim Jeans?

Raw denim are jeans with no “finishing” or washes after they’ve have been cut and sewn. Meaning after the Mill has produced the fabric and after the Manufacturer has cut and sewn them into jeans, there has been no further finishing - no distressing, no washing, no sanding or sand blasting, nothing. Plain and simple raw denim is denim in it’s purest form. It could be light or dark, using natural or synthetic indigo, be selvedge or non-selvedge, Sanforized or unsanforized, it could even be stretch denim. But it has never gone through a process after being made into jeans, to soften or fade them in any way.

Why do you sell Raw Denim?

We specialize in Raw denim because of what it represents. It’s slightly more environmentally friendly in that the manufacturers are not unnecessarily wasting water on a wash. Or detrimentally effecting the health of the workers that would need to rub, sand, or distress the jeans after the fact. It also is more personal - the fading that comes from personally breaking in your own pair is unique to you. They line up and look more natural to the way you move, and tell your personal story in an authentic way. And finally it allows the wearer to forge a closer relationship with what they put on their body. Wearing something that ages over time and changes day to day can often inspire folks to be more thoughtful and enjoy the process of clothing’s natural evolution. And striving to have a better relationship with what we bring into our lives is never a bad thing. 

Next time we’ll discuss what selvedge denim is and how it differs from “modern” produced denim. But if we’ve missed anything or you have more questions about Raw Denim, hit us up, we’re here to help. 

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